What are people saying about these products?? 

I have had a lot of shoulder and neck pain for a long time. I have been treated by a Dr. I have been to Physical Therapy and I get deep tissue massages. The most relief I have had in years is when I started using Hoppiness on the Hill Hopped Up Oil. I can not say enough good about how this has helped me! Highly recommend this!

Sandi H

I have been using the hops oils, lotions and tea for a month and 1/2 now and I have never felt better. Thank you Hoppiness On The Hill!

Lisa H 

I've been using the Hoppiness Lotion for a while, and I love the soft and silky feeling it has. I have REALLY dry skin and this has relieved so much of my itchy skin! I would never go a day without it!  Thank you!      Heidi 

I'm enjoying using products from Hoppiness on the Hill - tea has a good, unique taste, the sachet is a regular part of my bedtime routine. I really appreciate and value natural products, and these seem to help the quality of my sleep.

Thank you. Deb M, Dubuque Iowa

I work on a cement floor all day. 
and the arthritis in my ankle would hurt so bad I can hardly walk. so I tried hopped up. I apply in the morning and it lasts all day. people at work noticed I'm am walking around hurting anymore and I told them about this stuff and now they want get it too. Thank you Hoppiness On The Hill         Kathy