How do Hops grow....

Welcome to Hoppiness On The Hill- this section-I will keep you updated on the growth of these crazy but beautiful vines. Spring is right around the corner, so this makes for a very "hoppy " time around here.

Hops (Humulus Lupulus) is a beautiful herb that has so many wonderful natural benefits!

But let me tell you a little about my these crazy vines... They are just that -- CRAZY!

They grow about 20'-30' per year. I have my garden setup as 4 sets of telephone poles, that are linked together with a ratchet wire. I have 4 different varieties on each set of poles. I have a 30x30 lot set up -and once I have everything transplanted in the spring -and my strings attached from the ground to the top of the wire - it will be a TEEPEE effect. Once the plants are uncovered from the straw i have covering them in the spring, I will dig the root ball up and remove some of the Rhizomes from the root. I will then transplant the rhizome to it's new position in the garden. As the hops begin to grow, They will then need to be trained to climb the string, once they start climbing...they DON'T STOP!To the top of the wire they go! In about the end of August / 1st part of September the flowers are starting to get dry, the aroma is more defined, and its time to pick.

Once picked, I wash them and let dry naturally. They are now ready to be put to use in the wonderful medicinal products we make here at Hoppiness On The HIll!

Watch for updates on the hops growing, and product making!

Thanks for being here today!

Humulus Lupulus- Hops... Not just for Beer anymore!

Updates from the Greenhouse!

Always something growing in the Greenhouse... check out what's growing in there today!

About these products... an update!

Little blurps -about each of my products...and featured items

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