from a dream to reality...       


My name is Lori Gravel

I am a "Hoptimist"

that lives in Otter Creek, IA. 

We started growing hops back in 2013, not realizing how long it took to produce a bumper crop of Hops.

Now that I'm getting my crop -- I don't produce enough to sell to a micro-brewer.


So what do I do with all of these hops?? 

I discovered that I could make a fresh loose leaf tea (and besides the great flavor) 

Hops are natural..



**Aids in Sleep

**Aids in Relaxation and Calmness

**Aids in Menstrual Discomfort

**Hot Flashes

**Aids in Digestion. 

**So much more

Started infusing the hops in Sunflower oil and discovered that

I could make products from the hops oil, to aid in sleep, relaxation, digestion, and pain management. 

To which Hoptimist means to me...

Making an all-natural product, which brings smiles and a surplus of energy to your days.

Hops are related to Cannabis,

due to its leaf shapes, and distinct aroma.

But... so are Nettles.

There is no THC or CBD in Hops

(Humulus Lupulus)

So these products will not show up on a drug test! 

 I have sold my products at many 

Farmers markets, Vendor shows, and at our Green House.

I have being doing many shows in our surrounding area,

to get a great natural medicinal product and my name out in front of people!

Please join the "Hoppiness Club" of users to enjoy the benefits of HOPS,

and also to keep up with what's going on in The Greenhouse! 

Hops... Not Just for Beer Anymore!