"Hoppy Bod" - Deep Muscle Rub 8 oz

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"Hoppy Bod" - Deep Muscle Rub

"Hoppy Bod" is a combination of Infused pureed hops and Hops Oil-coconut oil- Cayenne Pepper -Ginger,

Tea Tree-Peppermint and Lavender oils.

The perfect all natural combination for a warm deep muscle massage. Relieve those aching muscles with Hoppy Bod!

Two available sizes 4oz and 8oz containers..

Please contact me hoppiness17@gmail.com if in need of an 4oz container..$15.00

4oz = $15.00

How to use:

Apply the amount of "Hoppy Bod" (a little goes a long way) as you feel you need, to the area of pain.

Rub in deep until dry. Generally within a 10 minute time span (for most people) you will start to feel relief.

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