"Hopped UP" Massage Oil 2 oz

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"HOPPED UP - Massage Oil

This comes in a 2oz dropper bottle

A 4oz dropper bottle is also available - please message if in need

4oz = $38.00

Please contact me at hoppiness17@gmail.com

This oil can aid with Nerve-muscle-joint & arthritis pain, headaches to migraines! Think of it as topical Liquid Aspirin.

I also have people that use this same oil for scar pain – Charlie horses – and bruising.

How to use:

Apply the amount of oil you feel you need, to the area of pain.

Rub the oil in DEEP until dry.

In most cases (and everyone is different) can feel relief in about 10 minutes.

When in Doubt – get your Hops oil out!


Hops infused sunflower oil with the perfect combination of frankincense, lavender, tea tree, rosemary, peppermint oils.


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